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Welcome to Sat Reparatie. We repair all types of Commercial Satellite Receivers including Arion, Amiko, Clarke-Tech, Cisco, Coolstream, Denson, Dreambox, Edison, Evo, Finepass, Formuler, Homecast, Humax, Gigablue, Inverto, Kathrein, Mutant, LG, Philips, Rebox, Samsung, SAB, Odin-Mara, Topfield, VU+, Xtrend, Xsarius, Zgemma and other brands of satellite receivers.

We have Achieved this by providing Superior Repair Quality and Quicker Turn-Around Time for all Types of Satellite equipment at a Cost Far LESS than any other repair company.

HumaxDreamboxInvertoKathreinPhilipsSABSamsungTopfieldVU+ DUO repair

Our Technicians have over 30 years of experiences.

These are the most common faults with satellite receivers:

Stuck in Standby - Missing Channels - Picture Break Up - Box Freezing - Hard Drive Fails
Receiver Lock Up - Failed Capacitors - Tuner Fault - Box Switches Off while Playing Recordings
Box Resets itself - Sound Issues on HD Channels - Inconsistent Sound Levels

Please, Do Not send in any equipment for repair without a RMA form.

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(+31) 74 250 7192
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Palestrinastraat 72, 7557SX Hengelo,The Netherlands

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