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We are passionate about what we do.

Who are we

We have been active since December 2009 in the repair of faulty DVB-S satellite, DVB-C or DVB-T receivers and installing new software versions. Our services are focused exclusively on the repair of these three product groups. Certified IPC specialist.

The big advantage is a high level of knowledge and an extensive stock of original parts. We also have very good relations with producers and suppliers of the components which we use for our repair.

With us there are no waiting times.

Your faulty receiver will be repaired within 10 - 60 minutes. You can contact us 5 days a week. You can bring faulty receiver yourself, but you must make an appointment for this. You can also send your receiver. Do not forget to fill in the service form and send it together with the faulty receiver to the following address: Sat Reparatie, Palestrinastraat 72, 7557SX Hengelo, the Netherlands

About Owner: I have been repairs for more than 31 years. I worked for 14 years as a Senior Service Engineer at Echostar Europe, which deals with the production of satellite and cable receivers. Now I have a small repair company "Sat Reparatie". My goal is to provide an affordable and fast repair service throughout the Netherlands and recently also abroad. Sat Reparatie is located in Hengelo, Overijssel. Address: Sat Reparatie, Palestrinastraat 72, 7557SX Hengelo, The Netherlands.

Our services

Satellite Receiver Repair50%
DVB-C Receiver Repair20%
DVB-T Receiver Tepair10%
Monitor Repair3%
Smartfone Repair8%
TV Repair5%
PC & Laptop Repair4%

As everyone around us sees, we now live in a society where everything is quickly replaced. So also your defective devices. However, this is not necessary! The love for the profession and the world means that we make every effort to give your faulty appliances a new lease of life. Come and visit us with your defective device! In this way we together ensure a better environment and you can enjoy your devices even longer without having to spend a lot of money to buy a new one.

We ensure that the correct account number appears on your invoice.
KVK Enschede 08206310
BTW: NL 2224.90.652.B01

Sat Reparatie is not related to an international brand.
International brand names are used only for compatibility purposes.
The logos and brand / product names are property of the respective companies.

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(+31) 74 250 7192
Contact Us
Palestrinastraat 72, 7557SX Hengelo,The Netherlands

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