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You can now use our Online Service. This service offers include:

A Shopping - Each Item remains registered until you go to the checkout, or the item removed from the cart.
An Address Book - We can now send the items to the address that you have chosen.
An Order History - Now you can at all times check your previous order.
Review give - Share your opinion for an article with other customers.
If, within 14 days after delivery, you are not satisfied with item, please contact us via email below and complete return form so we know that you will bring the item from us return / back.

Latest Products

Xtrend ET-9000 power supply

Base price with tax: 34,99 €
Sales price: 34,99 €
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470nF 50V

Base price with tax: 0,48 €
Sales price: 0,12 €
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Base price with tax: 0,61 €
Sales price: 0,24 €
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Base price with tax: 0,48 €
Sales price: 0,30 €
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Top ten Products

2N2222 SMD Transistor

Base price with tax: 0,12 €
Sales price: 0,12 €
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VU+ DUO Repair kit without repair manual

Sales price: 6,05 €
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T1.25A 250V

Base price with tax: 0,36 €
Sales price: 0,36 €
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AOZ1212 (SOP8)

Base price with tax: 3,63 €
Sales price: 1,20 €
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